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FrontPage Magazine Articles

Professor Ripston
August 16, 2002

Defending Ward Connerly, By Any Means Necessary
November 28, 2003

Let Them Eat (Affirmative Action) Cake
October 3, 2003

Daily Bruin Articles

- Campus Focus -

Racially-based politics hinder progress
DIVERSITY:  Conflicts in USAC only aggravates, adds to campus tension

October 9, 2000

Campus suppresses ‘right’ education
PROFESSORS: Freedoms of thought removed; teaching staff takes strong Leftist lean

October 31, 2001

Proposal tantamount to affirmative action
ADMISSIONS: Promoting ‘diversity’ really supplants better-qualified applicants

October 25, 2001

USAC squanders our student fees
MONEY: Council member’s expenses-paid trip may be a case of misappropriation

February 25, 2002
‘Laramie Project’ only leftist propaganda
FILM: Movie manipulates to rally supporters for divisive, unnecessary hate crime laws

March 14, 2002

Empowerment! denies student input
MONEY: Group terminates referendum before council allowed to form discussion

April 18, 2002

Poster not meant as political statement
PC: Debate over depiction of American Indian in film poster raises greater issues

January 29, 2002

Daily Bruin’s bias feeds to leftist USAC
COUNCIL: Endorsement of radical slates perpetuates irrelevant issues, injustices

January 16, 2002

La Gente makes unfair allegations
MEDIA: Publication prints racist remarks, lacks supporting facts

March 9, 2000

Position of APC contains contradictions
POLICY: Not all ethnicities under ‘umbrella group’ are aided by affirmative action

November 14, 2001

 - National Focus -

Gore’s inconsistencies prove he can’t be trusted
POLICIES: Abortion, gay rights among issues on which VP flip-flopped

November 7, 2000

Gore needlessly drags out election in Florida courts
MEDIA: Common sense ignored; Democrats still challenge ballot validity

December 7, 2000

Military downsizing wrong way to balance U.S. budget
DEFENSE:Armed forces ensure America’s safety, should receive adequate benefits, compensation

May 25, 2000

Death penalty functions to preserve just society
PUNISHMENT: Practice maintains justice, equality by disposing of criminals

February 8, 2001

Read my lips...
BUSH:  Republican Party candidate will fight to save your future with Social Security overhaul, reform

September 25, 2000

Proof of Abu-Jamal's guilt found in court transcripts
EVIDENCE: Media perpetuates government persecution myth; real victim has been forgotten

April 27, 2000

Muslims should endorse U.S. retaliation
LOYALTY: Vague response to attacks, support for free Palestine anti-American

October 3, 2001

Uncle Sam ignores taxpayer wishes, provides false hopes
GOVERMENT:Federal plans inefficient; funds better spent by states or private charities

May 11, 2000

President serves tasty buffet to right
BUSH: Multi-course speech offers topics of military, war, with pepperings of humor

January 30, 2002

Activists hide role in outbreak of disease
AIDS: Community’s inaction justifies scrutiny, echoes the current debate on profiling

December 6, 2001

Waffling Riordan no match for Simon’s stable stances
ELECTION: Unsure views on abortion, death penalty make former L.A. mayor bad choice

March 5, 2002