Bruin Alumni Association
President Andrew Jones


Praise for BAA President Andrew Jones

1/7/06 has launched!
    After a seemingly endless two-month process, we're proud to announce that, a project of the Bruin Alumni Association, is debuting with profiles of over 30 profiles of UCLA's most radical professors.
    As a large number of the profiles also demonstrate, these professors are actively proselytizing their extreme views in the classroom, whether or not the commentary is relevant to the class topic.

    The result for students is nothing less than a debased education.  Douglas Kellner rages about a “Bush Reich,” the vicious anti-Semitic troika of Gabriel Piterberg, Saree Makdisi, and Sondra Hale peddle hatred of Israel and Zionism, while Peter McLaren teaches the next generation of educators how to politicize their own classrooms - and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

As they say, all good things take time.
    Contrary to my rash earlier predictions, however, the "big project" is going to now
take another two weeks.  Patience is a virtue, so consider this wait to be an exercise in self-improvement.

My apologies for this belated update...
    ...but I've been locked up solid for the past two months - first, on the BAA's second fundraising mailing, which is yielding another very enthusiastic, very rapid response...and second, a major project which should be launching within two weeks.  I can't give you all the details yet, but it represents the "next step" in exposing the views and agenda of UCLA's radical professors.  We're about 1/3 done with content, with website design to follow at that time.  Keep an eye out.  Or, to be notified when this major project is launched, just drop an email to bruinalumni (at) to be added to our mailing list.

Overwhelming generosity
    The donations we've received from so many supporters - UCLA alums, and members of the public alike - prove more than ever that saving our school matters, and that our plans are much-needed.  My gratitude for your support - it is deeply appreciated.

Angry folks
    With requests for donations come angry denials - especially from a few UCLA alums.  Let the debate begin.

The media blitz has begun.
    Monday's Daily Bruin article about the BAA was excellent, and I offer Daily Bruin Editor-in-Chief Charles Proctor my thanks for an exceptionally fair profile of the organization.
    Al Rantel, a BAA Advisory Board member, was also kind enough to debut the BAA in the Los Angeles radio market, having me on as a guest from 6-7 pm Monday night.

An interesting email exchange
    I received the following email from "Seamus" on the 19th, taking issue with several articles presented on the BAA website:
	I stumbled onto your Web site looking for the UCLA Alumni Association site.  I was intrigued, but your site left me with some questions as well.

For instance, you mention Robbins being named Alumnus of the Year, but you don't mention that the item was discussed on "The O'Reilly Factor" and that Bill O'Reilly concluded that the award was given for professional achievement.

Neither do you mention that Janice Brown -- who you promote on the front page of your site -- was similarly honored with an Alumni Award for Professional Achievement. Nor do you mention that Sen. Ted Stevens received Alumnus of the Year.

When you mislead your audience like this, it makes you no better than the people you choose to criticize. It would appear that you are deceptively manipulating the information to raise funds for yourself, and there is no accountability on your Web site as to what might be done with that money.

Can you share some more information about your organization and perhaps why you choose not to post additional information on your Web site about the
areas where UCLA does deserve encouragement?

    Hopefully my response tonight proves illuminating to website visitors with similar criticisms:

    Mr. Shame,

    Re: Robbins - so Bill O'Reilly said that the award was for personal achievement.  Does Bill O'Reilly speak with an authoritative final voice on all news matters?  You might be trying to say that even conservatives didn't have a beef with the selection of Robbins.  In that, you'd be mistaking O'Reilly for a conservative.  He has conservative tendencies but I often disagree with him.  This case would be one such example.

    Re: Brown and Stevens - so the Alumni Association honored them.  I didn't include a lot of things about the biographies of these two figures.  Honors they received from the Alumni Association is one of a hundred equally important omissions.  What I suspect you're saying is that the Alumni Association isn't bad (or deserving of attacks) for political bias, since the record shows they are politically ecumenical.  In that one respect you may be right.  But they enable radicalism and its spread on the UCLA campus by covering up the scandals that alumni should know about.  Now, I know why they do it - they're not going to let bad news get in the way of record donations - but it doesn't mean that I don't have the right and obligation to present a counter-voice.

    I think where you've really gone wrong is thinking that the Open Letter I posted on the website presents my entire organizational philosophy.  It is a part but by no means all.

    Moreover, I reject your accusations of misleading my audience.  My concern in the case of Justice Brown was that she be confirmed.  As a UCLA alum we support (contrast that to Antonio Villaraigosa, an alum we don't support), we called on Senator Stevens to get behind her, as we were.  Where in our support for Brown was there a criticism of the Alumni Association?

    If we were saying, "Support Justice Brown - because the Alumni Association sure doesn't!" your claim would have merit.  But you're conflating two different things on the site (the Open Letter), with a campaign we were undertaking.

    As far as "accountability," understand that as a nonprofit organization, we are prevented, by federal law, from operating for the private inurement of any individual.  And rest assured that I'm not doing this to get rich. 

    As far as posting encouragement about UCLA, I fully agree that a large part of its undergraduate education is flawless (math and science simply aren't controlled by the radicals).  If there comes a day when I can afford a staff, I'd be delighted to have someone write up UCLA's latest scientific discovery, or its fantastic jazz program, and so on.  But I'm only one man.  Everyone is well aware of where UCLA is succeeding - that's what the UCLA Alumni Association and the UCLA press office do 5 days a week with a professional staff of dozens.  I'm offering a countering voice, which by its nature, means it will be primarily critical.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and interest in our organization.