Bruin Alumni Association
President Andrew Jones


Praise for BAA President Andrew Jones

Praise for Bruin Alumni Association President
Andrew Jones

    “As former chairman of the California Republican Party, I have worked with many young activists.  Andrew Jones is one of the best.  His ideas, and his organization, the Bruin Alumni Association, are innovative, and desperately needed.  I am honored to serve on his Advisory Board and support his campaign for reform at UCLA.  I urge you to do the same.”

-    Shawn Steel, Secretary: California Club for Growth

Bruin Alumni Association President Andrew Jones
    “I’ve had thousands of guests on my radio talk show, but Andrew Jones was a particular standout.  He impresses me as a capable, intelligent, and inventive activist, making him an indispensable ally for our side.  My listeners and I supported him when he was chairman of the Bruin Republicans, and we’ll do the same with the Bruin Alumni Association.  I am proud to call him an intellectual compatriot and friend.”

-    Al Rantel, Host: The Al Rantel Show

    “Since our days at the UCLA Daily Bruin fighting the Left, Andrew Jones has been a staunch ally of traditional morality and values in the face of overwhelming campus opposition.  That's why I am proud to serve on the BAA Advisory Board.  I encourage you to support this important endeavor; our campus cannot be abandoned to the left, even after we've gone on to bigger and better things.  UCLA's slogan is 'Let There Be Light,' and that hope can be realized with the help of the BAA.”

-    Ben Shapiro, Author: Brainwashed; Porn Generation